Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It’s all in the Blog

I may be becoming a Blogaholic because I find myself viewing more than 10 a day. But in fulfilling m fashion needs I found a cute little fashion blog about bags titled, In My Bag. The New York city Bag Chick is great at keeping it real and updating you on all the latest celerity handbag trends. I especially impressed by a recent update she made about a new bracelet from On Cue (http://www.on-cue.org). The chic studded bracelets also double as a wallet to hold all your cash, change and keys while you are in dancing in the club and don’t want to be inconvenienced by your handbag. I appreciate the fact that Bag Chick is very loyal to hear readers by answering every fashion emergency they may have. She is quick to research and rescue any fashion enigma. A way that she keeps it real is by being honest about pricing. She is very aware of a girl’s fashion needs and posts bags that are great for a fashionista on a budget. What I also discovered were bags that I had never seen before that were creative and chic. I applaud In My Bag for its informative and truthful fashion news.

Visit In My Bag at http://inmybag.blogspot.com

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