Thursday, June 02, 2005

Is Shopping the new Designer Drug?

By Raquel Franco

Now that my 4am late nights and one love knights are over I find myself running tugging on to a new thing for comfort. Before when ever a boy broke my heart or if I was just diagnosed with boredom I would just slip on my sexiest outfit and go out with my friends. But after the unknown excitement of waking up in the morning with a headache the size of New York City wore off I stopped turning to my prescription of a dose of after parties.

These days when I get lonely or my boyfriend has acted like a typical male I find myself browsing in a mall. Seeing the new clothing lines excites me and trying on the latest shoes totally makes me forget about whatever made me upset. And handbags are my crack and purchasing a new sweet smelling leather handbag can impair my judgment and cause me to call him up and actually apologize. The experience can be truly intoxicating. Wearing new clothes just makes you feel like a new person for a minute. It changes your image to something better than it was before.

As much as shopping is better than drinking and one night stands it does have its downfalls. My poor checkbook suffers because my emotional state and sometimes my dignity. I realize that as much as I crave for a shopping hit and run I have to be wise and just say a prayer next time I get hurt.

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