Friday, November 02, 2007

Weekly Fashion Round Up at Couture in the City

What is hot over at our sister fashion blog Couture in the City this week:

How to Hide a Baby Bump Like a Celeb

n Hollywood, it’s hard to keep a big secret like having a little one on the way! Especially in our society where every inch of a celeb’s waistline is constantly scrutinized. Read entire story here

Great Boots for Fall

Knee high boots with dresses or jeans tucked in are still hot this fall! This is good news for us fashionista’s that are a little heavy in the calves and can’t quite pull off the ankle boot look. Read entire story here

Fashion Blog Love of the Day: Chic Intuition

Everyday I learn to love Target a little more. Why? Because famed shoe designer brand Hollywould has designed a more moderately priced line for them! Read entire post here

How to Look Hollywood Casual Cool

It’s not all red carpets and flashing lights for some of our favorite Hollywood A-listers…they have to go grocery shopping and pick up the dry cleaning like the rest of us! However, unlike the rest of us, they are usually able to run their errands in style. Read entire post here

Fashion Blog Love of the Day: Chic Diaries

Shoes! Spring 2008! New collection! Paris Fashion Week 2008 said “Good Buy!” to us and we have to wait only for another spring and another summer. Read entire post here

Visit Couture in the City for the latest in fashion and how-to wear style.

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