Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Steal This Style: How to Dress Like Kate Beckinsale

I have to admit that kate is one of my favorite celebrity's. This flawless beauty has such an exceptional sense of style from her hair to her make-up, and designer looks. She can have anyone on the brink of envy. But were here to grant that eternal wisdom on how to share that sophisticated look - called kate Beckinsale.

Kate donning the high pony tail
Kate B. donning the high pony tail look - But I want that look too! Here's how;

Spray hair with a light hair spray using Paul Mitchell's Super Clean Extra hairspray. And then use a Mason Pearson brush to pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with a strong elastic.

Kate stays cool in black
kate looking cool in black

Kate's wardrobe consists of colors such as black, brown, blue, khaki and white. She keeps the attention on her beautiful face and amazing physique, instead of on what she's wearing.

Kate keeps it simple with jeans
Kate keeps it simple - Blue jeans and cropped silk top with beige handbag in leather, and daring high heels.

Kate matches her accessories to her outfits. Her purses compliment her look. So try to match your accessories, so they don't clash, and keep them neutral.

Kate keeps it flowing with flowers

Keep it cute like Kate - accent jeans with a floral siphon or silk top for the summer.

Kate glams it up in brown
Kate glams it up in brown

Kate knows how to glam her look and style. So choose dresses that are classic and feminine, and that shine your good looks and natural beauty!

Source: Yahoo and CoutureintheCity.com

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