Monday, December 26, 2005

My Favorite is finally on Sale!

By: Wendy Owen

Didn’t get what you really wanted this holiday season? Yeah, me neither…but now I can because of leFashionista’s great sale items!

After month’s of drooling over Besso’s Motorcylce bag, it can finally be mine (was $165, now $150)! I also love the Diva Collection Espionage Bag (was $140, now $120) but I truly can’t decide.

You may have a hard time too with the myriad of deals that leFashionista has right now. From $20 hobo bags to $8 bath salts from Jillian with a J, you can treat yourself to two or three sale items without breaking a sweat.

The piece d’resistance? Leana Couture Criss Cross Tanks for only $50! Loved by stars like Ashlee Simpson and Mandy Moore, these tanks are simple yet sexy.

So what are you waiting for? Return that stupid set of cartoon pajamas that your aunt got you and get what you really want from leFashionista before these great deals are gone!

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