Wednesday, August 30, 2006

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Omiru Poll Results: Colorful Handbags are In!
Blog: Omiru: Style for All

A full 76% are all for these brightly colored bags, while only 5% consider them Out. The remaining 19%, however, believe they're On the Way Out.

Colorful handbags are a great way to punch up your outfit, especially in a season so enamored of neutrals. We can't think of a better way to add oomph to a fresh white summery dress, or even the standard jeans and tee combo. But make sure to pick a color you love…and one that makes a Statement.

Next Poll: Wrap Dresses, In or Out? Omiru

Touché! Swashbuckling Styles for Fall

The skull scarf was THE Hollywood It girl accesory of the summer…if you managed to snag one (I coveted the Alexander McQueen ones…) then you can carry this look into fall with some chic swashbuckling styles. From flat fencing boots and naval trenches to skuls, skulls and more skulls, this is a fun trend to play with. If you find yourself going overboard with fashionable booty, don’t worry…pull them all together for a couture Halloween ensemble. Designer Fashion Addicts

Dream: Alpaca Long Sweater
Neiman Marcus - $395

Fall 2006 Must-Have: Sweater Dress

Ok, so unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple months, you already know that the sweater dress is a huge must-have for fall 2006. But, I wanted to point out to you guys out there who budget for clothes wisely, make an investment in one great sweater dress that you'll get lots of use out of. This is definitely one item worth splurging on this fall, so I suggest you save up your moolah for a high-quality sweater dress (unless you're just lucky enough to find a high-quality dress on sale). Shopholics Anonymous

Ribbons & Bows...on Your Boots! Miu Miu Way Ups the Style Factor of Classy Brown Platform Boots with Some Special Added Flair

A great look with skinny jeans tucked in or paired with a sexy pencil skirt. Ole!

Haute or Not: White DKNY Leather Doctor Bag

This white DKNY leather doctor bag is pure, smart, and drama-free, just like everyone’s life wardrobe should be. Kristopher Dukes

San Francisco Fashion Week Designer: Kelly B

Kelly B's comfy, casual knits mix a trendy '80s vibe with playful nautical accents. FABSUGAR

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