Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lolita's Beauties.com Giveaway!

Lolita's Beauties and Le Fashionista have come together to giveaway The Lolita's Beauties Romantic Rendezvous Package on Coutorture.com!

Lolita's Beauties.com is online now promoting their "Soft Launch" and has all of their products at discount prices! The full launch will be on Friday, September 1st! Check out their fun quiz, "What Kind Of Lolita Are You?"

Sign up now on
Coutorture and enter to win 1 TINte Cosmetics Painted Lady Kit, 1 Pair of Sexy Green & Aqua Mesh Rumba Shorts, 1 Lover's Kama Sutra Chocolate Paintbox and 1 Purple Beaded Butterfly Handbag! Visit Lolita's Beauties.com for your sexy accoutrements today!

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