Friday, September 29, 2006

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2007 Mens Wear

The must-wear spring 2007 mens:

Blinding patent trench and sparkling sequined sweater over full linen trousers.

Jackets were tailored right to the body, with broad, peaked shoulders, nipped waists and a flare of volume in the skirt that was carried over to full trousers with deep pleats.

Shirts with pleated fronts, trousers with beaded stripes.

That's it for now..more to come!



Anonymous said...

That is really nice to put up fashion for men. it is really really awesome to have designers not only for woman but men aswell. i mean, even my boyfriend does not have much fashion sence like you do.

thanks for putting up the new secion for guys..i cant wait to dress up my bf next spring..keep up the good job.hope to see more from you,especially on what not to wear..!

Dan Loveridge said...

Babe! I am so proud of you! You're on your way to becoming rich and famous, then you can buy me my nice cars! I love you sooo much, from your soulmate

Anonymous said...

Hey... Wow.. i'm totally impressed... Hmmm.. Its a good idea to get men's fashion started... You'll be the one who make them HOT! great job..

Your study mate..


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