Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Maggie Gyllenhaal: Girl Next-Door Meets Glam

by Wendy Owen

Maggie Gyllenhaal is perhaps one of the best Hollywood fashion icons that no one knows about. Elegant, demure and sometimes even edgy, Maggie always seems to pull off whatever she is wearing. Somehow, she seems to mix vintage and quirky with tailored lines and always looks fabulous. In many ways, Maggie is almost “granny chic” in that Annie Hall sort of way, but with a touch of glam.

Wanna steal Maggies’ look? Here are a few simple suggestions to get started:

1) Tailored lines: Suits, pencil skirts, button down shirts and flat front pants are the base of Maggies’ wardrobe. Get yourself some really nice and classic pieces (a blazer, black trousers or a skirt) and build from there! You need basic colors and lines as a backdrop for all of the great details that goes into a “Maggie” look.
2) Go Vintage: Lace, pearls, tassels, heels, silk stockings, scarves, cameos…the list goes on. Add your own classy vintage touches, like a silk clutch purse or vintage jewels with a silky or mesh top. Accessorize, but only lightly!
3) Add the glitz: Maggie likes to add shimmer in unexpected places, like using elastic sequins as a belt around a couture dress. Experiment on your own for something unusual, but not tacky. As the leading female face of indie film, Maggie also loves to add funky and artistic accessories, so check those out too.
4) Keep hair and makeup at a minimum: Maggie rarely does hair and make-up all out unless it’s for a magazine cover. Her look is light and natural and that’s part of the secret to pulling off her look. Over the top hair and makeup would distract from, say, a pair of dangly glass earrings. For Maggie style hair and make-up, less is more!

Check out Maggie in past movies like “Secretary” or “Donnie Darko” (with brother Jake) or in the upcoming movie “Criminal” as well as in the August edition of “Elle.” For Maggie style on lefashionista.com, check out the Indie Girl lines from Gabby Bella and Lizzie Eno, or The Satin Disco Clutch handbag.

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