Friday, July 29, 2005

A mid-summer night’s fashion

by Wendy Owen

With the summer already halfway gone, it’s time to recap some of the good, the bad and the ugly in summer styles. Be it a classic or a new trend, see if you are a victim or a fashion genius.

1) Bermuda shorts
Verdict: Flop! While preppy and clean on model bodies, they turn even average girls dumpy and frumpy, and forget it if you have heavy thighs. My solution? Make like a 50’s be-popper and roll those pants! Capri’s are so over, but you can still look fresh in short pants!
2) Tunics:
Verdict: Fabulous fad! Whether they are dressy and bejeweled or plain and casual tunics are one of the best looks of the summer. Great for the beach or for going out, with just a hint of the bohemian ethnic look, tunics also look great on any figure (in the correct size, of course).
3) Paisley Tunic Dresses
Verdict: Flop! Once again, boho was done wrong turning the possibly glam into downright gaudy. Too busy prints and oversized shapes make them look more like mumus.
4) Gold Sandals
Verdict: Fabulous Fad! Brought back from the eighties, girls don’t have to be afraid of wearing gold on their toes any longer. With stunning styles from Blahnik to Payless, every girl can be gilded and glam.
5) Straw Totes
Verdict: It’s a tie! While straw totes are cute for the beach, casual days and picnics, they just don’t have what it takes to carry a girl through the day. Try some brightly colored reptile prints instead.

Tired of bright colors and sandals already? Here are some summery items that will be hot this fall that you can start wearing already:
1) Wooden/earthy jewelry—This is already hot among the stars! Look for wooden beads in browns, tan and cranberry and “ethnic” jewelry and accessories.
2) Animal prints—Wear in moderation! Make like Gwen Stefani and keep it to a minimum with a halter, purse, shoes or a faux animal print jacket.
3) New Wave Victorian—If it looks like something Cyndi Lauper would have worn in the 1880’s, snatch it up! Silky blouses in hot hot colors and pearls, lace and chiffon were all the rage on the runways for fall, so get yours now!


F.A. said...

Good one! Paisley dresses never took off and we're glad about that.

missy-j said...

I would make straw totes a flop because over in my country (Singapore), people carry them to SCHOOL!!! Blasphemous!

Yes, I love your 'fabulous fads'! Esp the gold sandals, which I totally dig.

Jack Naka said...

I have a fashion bug store site. It pretty much covers fashion bug store related stuff. Check it out if you get time :-)


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