Saturday, July 16, 2005

That’s the bomb

By Raquel Franco

Now that miniature furry pets have taken over as being the hottest arm candy, you must keep them in tip top shape. No one wants a dirty dog attached to their arm. You must check out Jillian with a J’s cute new way to keep your pet looking chic. Jillian has invented a new doggie bomb to get your pup squeaky clean. You just drop the little ball of shampoo and organic treatment into the tub and viola! All you have to do is get your bundle of joy into the tub. No bottle, no juggle, no mess! The non toxic, eco-friendly doggie bomb comes in the cutest little Chinese take out box and it only costs 5 dollars. The mixture of oils and shea butter will leave your dogs coat shiny and luxurious. The cheap bath treat will have your handbag replacement looking adorable and having everyone saying, “That’s hot.”


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