Friday, October 07, 2005

Fall into Halloween

By: Wendy Owen

Tricks and treats are right around the corner…how
about a sweet bag to start the season?
Rust is a big color for fall, and everyone is wearing
this earthy tone on cable knit sweaters, scarves and

The LeFashionista answer? Our Style Buzz Cleopatra bag
in brown is just what you are looking for. The
metallic braided handle and soft sueded fabric are
perfect for any look this fall. Pair it with boots and
a flowy skirt while the weather is still nice, and use
it to dress up a chunky sweater in the coming cool

Need some ideas for a fashion-foreward Halloween
costume? Check out these original favorites:

1) Go as your favorite designer: I recommend getting a
long blond wig and a Grecian styled dress and going as
Donatella Versace. Remember to speak with an accent.
Wear anything outlandish and as long as you have a
black moustache, you can say that you are dressed like
John Galliano.
2) Be a gold digger: Wear all of your hot gold
accessories and carry around a bucket and shovel.
Remember to pay lots of attention to wealthy old men.
3) Be a fashion victim: Wear all of your pieces from
last season that just didn’t work (you know, that cape
and jelly shoes?) and attach a fake knife with blood
to your chest. Don’t forget to wear your “Mrs.
Federline” tank top.
4) Be a model: You know the clichés…do an inspired
look from this season (I recommend
Russian/Victorian/Goth) and do your best catwalk. Have
your little brother or sister snap pictures at you
like the paparazzi for special effects.
5) Go as one of your favorite stars: Get really
oversized accessories and baggy clothes and carry
around a Starbucks coffee for the Mary Kate look.
Carry around a Chihuahua and wear a skimpy silver
bathing suit while eating a cheeseburger for the Paris
Hilton look. Carry a really great LeFashionista bag
and wear your daisy dukes for the Jessica Simpson
look. Let your imagination run wild!

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winterdoll said...

jumbo sized soda, pillow tucked in tummy and skimpy maternity dress. say hello to mrs. b. federline!


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