Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Kirsten Dunst: Bohemian Fashion Victim or Trailblazer?

Kirsten Dunst, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By: Wendy Owen

Since childhood, Kirsten Dunst has held her own against the Hollywood elite. Starring alongside Tom Cruise as a child and on and off again with actor Jake Gylenhaal, Dunst is constantly in the public eye.

In recent years, Dunst has been known for her care-free and dare we say now, bohemian styles. But lately, her ambitious efforts have done nothing more than backfire on her.

One instance is this beautiful pleated dress from Chloe. Very sweet and sophisticated, but topped with a vest and dark wedge shoes, it’s nothing short of a fashion disaster. My vote? Add a shiny brooch or low slung belt and some pretty flats for a more flattering look. Don’t mix your menswear and summer pieces with a pretty flowy dress!


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