Thursday, October 20, 2005

"reimagined, etc" by Jill Herlands

By: Wendy Owen

Art deco meets high fashion with “reimagined,etc” by Jill Herlands. And why shouldn’t it? Herlands is a native New Yorker, and fashion is just as familiar as walking down the street to her.

Herlands could never find the kind of clothing she liked in stores, so she would create her own! This kind of creativity has rubbed off onto her jewelry line, “reimagined,etc” and shows in her silver pieces.

Like something out of the Guggenheim museum, her earrings and necklaces offer stunning and unique styles you can’t find anywhere.

Perhaps one of the most innovative things about Herlands is that she takes custom orders to create individual pieces. Whether you have something already in mind or need her to create a piece that says “you,” she can create something special and unique.

Custom jewels aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore…now you can have a unique style all your own with “reimagined,etc.”


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