Saturday, November 19, 2005

"House of Dereon" Beyonce Line Debuts

House of Dereon, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By: Wendy Owen

This isn’t your average J-Lo or Kathy Lee collection.

Like so many other stars that have started their own lines, Beyonce Knowles is now among the ranks of other celebrities like Sean Combs who have launched their own line of ready-to-wear luxury casuals.

Now available at Macy’s and Dillard’s department stores, the House of Dereon line offers lacy blouses, sportswear, and ever-classic blue jeans. The line will also feature handbags, furs and shoes, shoes shoes.

The name of Beyonce’s brand is rooted in family tradition. Like her mother Tina, Beyonce’s grandmother was also a seamstress, and the name of the line is a tribute to her.

Get it and love it:

Sailor jeans with a nautical flair, perfect for that military look this fall.


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