Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Snow Bunny Accessories

Shearling Gap Bag, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By: Wendy Owen

Even if you don’t live in cooler climates, winter is
always a fun time to bundle up. Some of the best looks
of the season look just as cozy as they feel!

While Ugg boots are unanimously on the way out,
shearling lined boots and jackets are very hot for
this winter. Not only is shearling cute and comfy,
it’s completely luxurious, without putting a hole in
your pocket.

My favorite looks are shearling lined peacoats, boots
and this sweet bag from the Gap. So perfect in winter
white, it will look great paired with a bright sweater
and mittens or an earth toned jacket and scarf. Get
your shearling look now and enjoy your snow bunny look
all season long.


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