Friday, November 03, 2006

Fab Fashion Blogs Friday

Flashdance is coming back for another appearance..

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler

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Victoria Beckham

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Lindsay Lohan

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Get the Rich Look by Accessorizing

As someone who is not independently wealthy or in a 6 figure position at work, I like to try to find items that will make me look rich without paying the "rich girl's" price tag. Not that I need everyone I pass to think I'm BFF with Paris Hilton, but I don't see anything wrong w/ trying to look nice and taking my outfit to the next level. My fave way of getting a rich look is by accessorizing with designer items. I heard once that the only items of your outfit that you can't skimp on are shoes and purse. This makes sense to me, so I'm always on the lookout for a great designer accessory at a good price.

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I just bought this fab Burberry cashmere scarf from

I love this scarf b/c you could totally toss it on with jeans and a black tee and look oh-so-chic, but you could also wear it with a formal black/neutral suit and heels for your regular work day. This scarf is timeless and will likely last me a lifetime!
Read more and share your thoughts.
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Leather Girl Ring

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Traditional meets modern in this leather-gold cocktail ring. Says designer Rickina Velte: "I like to always create pieces that are unexpected, and evoke an emotion, in most cases curiosity and happiness."

Rickina suggests pairing the ring with a wildly colorful top, flattering jeans, and black boots. Or, she suggests, you can funk it up a bit and wear an ultra mini skirt, colorful leggings, ballerina flats, and a simple top.

Breath-Freshening Lip Glosses

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Who would have thought that cosmetics could help your coffee breath? Yes, it's true. I already know and love C.O. Bigelow's Mentha Lip Shine, but now there are even more breath-freshening lip glosses on the market. For a fresh, minty sensation, just apply and inhale these glosses to conquer bad breath. Don't think that means you can skip the tooth-brushing, though; they haven't come up with a cavity-fighting lip gloss just yet.

Bawk-bawk-bawwwwwwk!! Dress up the Thanksgiving Table with After-Turkey Turkey. Yummy Chocolate Gobblers from See's Candies.

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Three 3.5 ounce turkeys for $9! Get a crate while you're at it - everyone of all ages will thankyou-thankyou-thankyou. Available at

House Party "it" Hottie

November always strikes the season for the festive party circuit. Mine includes a zillion house parties, and not all of them involve totally dressing up. I like wearing more festive tops with plain, casual bottoms.

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Take a big, knubby cable knit scarf and get a stylish and adaptable look like this.
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