Friday, November 17, 2006

Fab Fashion Blogs Friday

Sip “it” - Wear What You Drink

It’s seem that everything can become a fashion accessory - even what you drink.

Here’s something new from the world of water - the world’s first magazine on a bottle! iLove is a peel away 32-page glossy. And this isn’t some cheezy rag - it’s packed full of health tips to Herme, and glam’ covers are starring the likes of Pink, Mischa, Lohan, and Charlize. It’s currently only available downunder, but don’t be surprised if Australia doesn’t share it with our borders soon. read more on this hip water bottle story
[The It Lists]

Trend Alert: Leg Warmers

Hearts Leg Warmer, $18, available here.

There is perhaps no Winter fashion more fleeting than leg warmers, but that's no reason not to buy a pair! Seriously, these retro cold-weather accessories may be silly, but they are also highly practical for this season's leggings and skinny jeans styles, so why not wear them while they're hot? Just try not to wear your leg warmers at the same time you're sporting a pair of arm warmers. [FabSugar]

Hayden-Harnett Ibiza Convertible Flight Tote

$193 at Hayden-Harnett.
Ben Harnett was inspired by a WWII Helmet Bag, which evolved in a spell of 3am creativity into a bag that does more than double duty.

What to pair the bag with? According to Harnett, the versatile tote goes with anything and everything–from sweats to YSL.

Something you didn’t know about Hayden-Harnett? The company was started on April Fool’s day by two hardworking people and a slightly less hardworking cat. But they’re no joke.
Save 15% with code BLOGGER and free shipping until 12/1

Classy Chic - My Fave Style

Ok lovelies, so I was reading through my blog and realized that I haven't been doing nearly the number of posts I used to do with pictures of my outfit. That was one of the main things I wanted to blog about...not for me, but just b/c I find looking at how people put outfits together fascinating, and it always inspires me to put new outfits together when I see unusual combinations...guess I just figured other people may feel the same.

Anywho, yesterday I wore an almost 100% Banana Republic outfit. I am so loving this store and its style in my post-college, semi-professional life. BR usually features classic lines with a modern twist...right up my alley these days.

I shopped BR's sale last week and found this fab white, tuxedo style shirt with loose ties, which are fun tied up or worn loosely. I also got a merino wool sweater in gray, which I paired with the tuxedo shirt for my semi-dressy/semi-casual Monday work outfit. I also have on BR jeans and vintage Ferragamo, patent leather, black, peep-toe pumps to give the outfit a little kick...hehe...kick...get it?
[Shopaholics Anonymous]

Stylish Scarves - Cold Weather Style Unwrapped

We see it riding solo on buses and many a cab driver will receive it as a complimentary gift from October through March: the winter scarf. read more of this great article
[Second City Style]

Holiday Chic: Satin Lace-Up Bruno Frisoni Shoes

Satin lace-up Bruno Frisoni shoes $825 via Saks

Ooh la love.

Giuseppe Zanotti may be my Italiano lover, but Bruno Frisoni is my Parisian boy.

Taking me to holiday cocktail parties, Bruno Frisoni has me watch my walk in his 4½” stiletto, Bruno Frisoni keeps me on my toes with his phat platform, Bruno Frisoni’s lace-up shoe is deliciously selective, unlike Mr. Madden’s and Monsieur Louboutin’s peeptoe.

And unlike Mr. Man who’s been peeping at all the ladies tonight. Tah-tah, doll. Laced-up tight with Bruno, Frisoni’ll make it easy to glide away.
[Kristopher Dukes]

Suzanne Somers

Image: Us Weekly

At the 17th Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills.

"I think Suzanne has a mad craving for gold" Editor comment
[Fashion Police]

Sarah Jessica Parker

Image Credit: Chris Ford/Pmc

Wearing a Marni t-shirt and an Alexander McQueen leather skirt, the stylish star hosted a party for makeup guru Laura Mercier in New York.

"I love this leather skirt by Alexander McQueen.. Sarah looks amazing here." Editor comment
[Style Watch Poll]

Art & Sole is a nationwide program created by UGG(r) Australia to
benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital(r)

A-list celebrities and talented artist put their artistic skills to work
for UGG(r) Australia's fourth annual Art & Sole Collection. Using the
word 'hope' as their muse, the select group painted signature UGG(r)
Australia Classic Boots creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art. December
1 - December 14, 2006, the hand painted boots will be auctioned off on

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