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Designer Spotlight: Sari Gueron. Couture in the City Fashion Blog

If you are a young modern New York woman, chances are you don't just know Sari Gueron, you're wearing her. That is, of course, if you're the best dressed woman in the room anyway. That's because since her stunning debut on the fashion scene eight years ago, Gueron has been hyped as one of the hottest young designers to hit the tents at Bryant Park by the likes of New York magazine, Vogue, W and Harper's Bazaar.

Her stream-lined collection of sophisticated dresses feature delicate details that are decidedly feminine but unfussy, charming celebs from Sofia Coppola to Natalie Portman—"I'd love to dress Cate Blanchett one day. I admire her intelligence, talent and elegance," says Gueron. Her girlie frocks often belie the fact that this fashionable New Yorker actually grew up a huge tomboy. "I was always following my older brother and his friends around," says the Connecticut-and-Israel-raised beauty, "I didn't wear dresses until I was 15 years old, so it's a little ironic that now my passion is to design them."

Happily, living in New York for the past nine years fuels all of Gueron's passions. "Gramercy Park is one of the most beautiful places in New York City. Waking up to it every morning is a treat," says Gueron, an avid surfer, who at the moment is nesting and mostly buys things for her home renovations. "My friends in the city are strong, creative and stylish women, which I find very inspiring for my designs."

Surprisingly, it's not the label, but your own personality that Gueron, who has worked with both John Galliano and with Oscar de la Renta, thinks makes any hip ensemble stand out: "What makes an outfit special is the way you personalize it and make it feel like YOU. I love how my friends and I can wear the same dress and make it look totally different by changing our accessories, hair and make-up to suit each of our personalities." Now that's a timeless fashion accessory we can all afford—and thanks to Gueron's "no-fuss" frocks, chic has never been so simple, or so personal. Even for a tomboy trapped in a cosmopolitan body.

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Sari Gueron - Spring 2007

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