Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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Tulina Handbags - Leaf Tote
Tulina Leaf Tote, $348.00
Tulina Handbags - Leaf Clutch
Tulina Leaf Clutch, $228.00

These uber cute bags from Tulina whisk me back to chilly autumn days and make me wish it were October all over again! The unique shapes and buttery leather are enough to catch my attention, but the leaf detail is what makes these bags special.

The leaf tote features multi functional pockets inside to keep everything together, and the clutch is available in both brown and black and has an antique handle and zipper and magnetic closures.

Love these looks, but can't wait for the fall months? This clutch by Socoley is hot year round:

Socoley - Clutch
Socoley Clutch, $360.00

This clutch also converts into a wristlet and has a pocket inside for your blackberry or cell. But if you are looking for the cutest and most versatile bag for going out, check out Le Petit Mini Bag from Lucia Bella:

Lucia Bella, Le Petit Mini Bag, $96.00

Whatever your taste, check out LeFashionista's unique handbags and clutches...we've got your bag!

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