Friday, January 05, 2007

Fab Fashion Blogs Friday

Trendscape: Puffer Vests

When the weather outside is frightful and you don’t feel like wearing your usual heavy coat, try a Puffer Vest as an alternative. It’s, well, puffy enough to keep your bodice warm, but its sleeveless nature allows your arms to breathe. Presenting four options that will take you all the way to Spring: Favorite

CB Sports Long Apollo Vest | $217 (sale) at Shopbop

Omiru As Featured in Lucky Magazine this month


Fashion Crime – Pepper spray “it”’s sleek pepper spray is accessorized by Swarovski crystals to provide self defense with both sting and bling.

Duff sisters, Jaime Pressly and more celebs are protecting themselves, and also supporting a good cause. To raise awareness for domestic violence protection, Pepperface has set up an auction selling celebrity designed devices. (read entire story)
[The It List's]

Looks to Keep for Spring 2007 - Part 1

Worry not shopaholics...all that hard work shopping last season will not go to vain this season. Here are some trends that I'm predicting you can keep for Spring 2007: (read entire story)
[Shopaholics Anonymous]

The Shelf Life Of Your Makeup

Although you may think makeup can last forever if kept closed tightly and stored in a cool, dry place, I've got news for you...negatory! Makeup does expire; as soon as a product is opened, bacteria begin to grow.

Since makeup companies are not required to post expiration warnings on their labels, you have to use your judgement and be informed of the guidelines recommended by experts. It can be difficult to keep your makeup out of the sun and heat but that is what kills the preservatives that help fight off nasty germs. (read entire story)

Celeb Fashion Hit or Miss?

Christina Aguilera

Image Credit:

After performing live in Times Square, the singer ushered in the New Year in a sweeping chocolate brown silk Balenciaga gown and delicate gold necklace.
Hit or Miss?

Carmen Electra

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The star toughened up her romantic McGinn lace sheath with black tights and slick patent boots at a New Year's party in L.A.
Hit or Miss?

[Hit or Miss]

Fashion Police

Mariah Carey


WILDER: Mariah, there's something called a raincoat. Look into it.
SKENE: What happened? How did she break both her ankles?
KNOBLER: What to do when you don't know how to pitch your own tent.
MCDONALD: One step for man. One giant mistake for Mariah.
EISENBERG: She should pull that hood over the entire outfit and make it disappear.

Melanie Griffith


LANDRY: What Raggedy Ann looks like as a blonde.
TA: Why you should never go out when wearing your coat inside out.
KNOBLER: This is far from Working, Girl.
LOPEZ: When did Melanie become a muppet?
WILDER: Sadly, she failed knitting class.
SZISH: She's coming apart at the seams...literally!
[Fashion Police]


Anne said...

The little white dress seems to be hot for this spring.

Anonymous said...

Ohh great post so many things! I love the white dress and the pepper spray is too funny expecially since the celebrities are using them ( I thought they had body guards).


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