Wednesday, February 28, 2007

HBO Shop for all of you Sex and the City Fans

HBO retail shop just opened is doors near Bryant Park at 1100 Avenue of the Americas at 42nd street.

The HBO Shop offers unique merchandise based on many of HBO's most popular shows and especially Sex and the City. Some items include: a line of handbags inspired by the women of Sex and the City, Sex and the City Perfume, limited edition SATC pink zip up hoodie sweatshirts, SATC martini glasses, SATC books, complete season DVD’s, the pink stiletto that Carrie wore on her last date with Mr. Big before he left New York for San Francisco, her signature Chanel clutch purse, and anything else a devoted SATC fan could ever DREAM of owning!


feli said...

wow I would die a happy girl in there. Thanks for sharing

olga said...

That is great news! And I still remember those pink stiletto... Looks like HBO created one more hot sightseeing place in the City! ;)


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