Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Fashion goes retro...again

By Raquel Franco

Style is going back t the 40’s, when women were chic and always put together. Becoming the perfect wife and throwing a flawless cocktail party was the goal and looking the part was key. The way to achieve the lack of imperfection was to dress conservatively but with elegance. As the years traipsed on and women rebelled against the “Holly Housewife” look, the hem of our skirts grew shorter and shorter. Now, finally, skank is out and class is in. Demure is the new sexy this fall. Body hugging, satin, strapless gowns are the new way to gracefully step into an evening out. Wrap yourself in a full skirt and a fitted cardigan or button up with a pair of peek-a-boo heels and you will have easily reinvented the 40’s look. It’s all about emphasizing your waist line. The 40’s fashion was focused on looking like a woman and embracing every ample curve. This fall you must find your inner Grace Kelly and step into the vintage trend.

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