Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Kate Hudson: Uptown Glam Meets Boho Mom

Kate Hudson, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

by Wendy Owen

In the wake of her recent scandal over monogamy and the recent release of her film “Skeleton Key,” Kate Hudson still manages to look great. AND she’s a mom…how unfair is that?

Whether it’s gauzy and lacy award show ensembles or just casual wear, she always looks great and put together. Granted, she has some genetic help from mom Goldie Hawn, but her style is all her own.

Want Kates look? Here’s how:

Hair: Fellow boho chick Sienna Miller follows Hudson’s cue with casual tousled locks. For these golden girls, undone is best!

Clothing: Indie designers, awesome prints and tried and true pieces like tanks and mini skirts fill their closets. But for trips to the park or grocery store its jeans jeans jeans! Totally distressed, but totally hot is Kate’s look.

Accessories: Here is the splurge! Boho girls may have a casual style, but they know how to accessorize! Like in one of Kate’s films, “Le Divorce,” this girl knows how to accessorize with her bags.

Make like Kate and get boho mom chic with easy and flowy ensembles and beauty and super-hot accessories!

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