Friday, August 12, 2005

Purple Reigns

By: Wendy Owen

Consider yourself plum lucky—romantic shades of purple are back for the fall. Stars like Katie Holmes are already sporting this sweet color casually and formally.

The best reinvention of purple in your wardrobe should definitely be of the velvet variety. Velvet in any color is hot right now, but purple in dark, regal tones is a winner. But be careful—too much purple velvet and you will look like Willy Wonka.

Not ready to go full on purple? Try to accessorize with purple instead. A crushed velvet clutch or a satin headband would be a great start for the violet-wary.

Ready to take the purple plunge? Go ultra-romantic with a purple dress in a whimsical cut (extra bonus points if it is in velvet with a corset!). However, avoid head to toe purple or you will look more goth than glam. Break it up with neutral or metallic accessories and shoes, and stay away from pairing purple with black.

Dark shades of purple look especially radiant on fair skinned women like Nicole Kidman, so pale girls; it’s your time to shine!

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