Wednesday, August 17, 2005

South Beach? Atkins? Low Sugar? No Sugar?

Don't pass up the dessert tray this time around! Now you can enjoy your dessert 12 months out of the year! Join our exclusive Dessert of the Month Club and receive a Jillian with a J dessert scented bath bomb delivered to you or your friends & family for every month of the year! Each dessert bath bomb will arrive in an 8-ounce Chinese take-out box! What a presentation! Each club member will receive 2 bath bombs on their birthday month, the monthly special and the "It's Your Birthday" bath bomb. This gift will ensure pure decadence throughout the entire year. They will not be able to thank you enough! 12 Months of Delicious Desserts Without The Calories! Only $69.95!

Dessert of the Month Club Shipping Schedule:

January: Chocolate Chip Cookie Bath Bomb

February: Chocolate Cake Bath Bomb

March: Tiramisu Bath Bomb

April: Angel Food Cake Bath Bomb

May: Pink Frosted Cupcake Bath Bomb

June: Wedding Cake Bath Bomb

July: Banana Split Bath Bomb

August: Dreamcicle Bath Bomb

September: Strawberry Shortcake Bath Bomb

October: Fudge Brownie Bath Bomb

November: Pumpkin Cheesecake Bath Bomb

December: Cinnamon Bun Bath Bomb

Birthday: "Its Your Birthday" Bath Bomb

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