Tuesday, May 08, 2007

MENS: What To Wear: Waistcoat and Vest, Couture in the City Fashion Blog

I had the privilege of getting an invite to the Topman Fashion show at the Singapore Fashion Festival in late april and immediately fell in love with their clothing. Oh wait, let me rephrase my sentence again.I was lucky enough that the ticket for the Topman/Topshop Unique Fashion show was not sold out and got the 'bird's eye view' from the 8th row. That's better.

Anyways,the trend of putting on a waist coat or vest might probably be coming to an end soon but, it is never too late to tag along with the trend, especially when its affordable.For students like me,we cant afford to invest huge sum of money on an expensive waistcoat or vest as it might just be another fad that will fade as time progresses.Thus, getting an inexpensive one from Topman is a great alternative for a designer's clothing.

Here are my top 3 pick:

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Grey Textured Waistcoat
Grey textured 5 button waistcoat with button back adjustor and black lining.
45% Polyester,55% Wool.

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Brown 5 Button Waistcoat
Brown 5 button waistcoat with light brown lining and back adjustor.
65% Polyester,35% Viscose.

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Black Tonic Waistcoat
Black tonic 5 button waistcoat with charcoal lining and white trim.
50% Polyester,50% Wool.


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