Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sunsilk's Color Boost Secret Model Experiments-First Peek

FYI: Sunsilk's Color Boost is the first daily haircare product with cationic dyes that bind color to your hair - just like products you'd find in the salon that gives your 'do a lil oomph whenever it needs it.

In line with our campaign ColorShowdown-which is all about pitting Blondes and Brunettes against each other we've conducted some secret experiments around the habits and personality quirks of Blondes vs. Brunettes.

Well here is our 1st video teaser titled: " Who pigs out on junk food more-Blondes or Brunettes?"

And since I know that all of our readers love a deal--who doesn't? Here is a coupon for you to save close to $3.00 on your product choice. Visit this link Sunsilk

Visit Sunsilk's Color Boost

1 comment:

Terry Ng said...

What an awesome promotional campaign! Definitely had me clicking through to see who hate more junk food. :p


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