Thursday, May 10, 2007

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What's new in the latest edition of Elle magazine? Find out what is hot this summer in bags, shoes and dresses, for this summer and beyond. However, check out this sneak peek on beauty tips now, or go to for more great styles and insider tips on beauty, fashion and more.

ELLE's BEAUTY, BODY & HEALTH "IT LIST"-Fruit-Spiked Scents and Juice Lips Give New Meaning to Beach Chic. From DiorPlay's & Shiseido' lip glosses, and Givenchy's & Burberry's new fragrances, ELLE's Assistant Beauty Editor, Roopika Nayar, has the update on the latest beach accessories to pack in your summer bag. We love all of the cute packaging, but you will be sure to love the sweet scents.

ELLE's JUNE "TOP 5": SELF TANNERS-ELLE readers say these self-tanners set the gold standard for being sun-kissed without the sun. With instant tanning gel and body lotions, from Dove to Lancôme, you'll be ready for summer before it even begins. Who needs the beach? With self tanners like these, you can have a bronzed look without being susceptible to all of those dangerous UV rays. After all...there's nothing more fashionable than a safe healthy glow!

Check out all of these great tips and more in Elle magazine to be up on the latest in beauty and fashion news and trends.

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