Friday, May 11, 2007

Fab Fashion Blogs Friday

The Bag to Have: Jimmy Choo Cobalt Leather Clutch [FabSugar]

Your Help Needed to Find Non-Girly Work Clothes [Omiru]

A Louis Worth Loving [Shopaholics Anonymous]

Mix’n Match Couture [The It Lists]

Serfontaine Rocksteady Monaco Zipper Jean [I HEART LUXE]

Exceeds Dietary Requirements [Style Critics]

Parenting: Bedwetting - Should I Be Concerned? [Moms Buzz]

Doll Eye Mascara [Lipstick Powder 'n Paint]

1 comment:

dianabobar said...

Hey great list.
Hopefully I'll be in there someday.:)
Check out the last "Animal Print" photo shoot I did myself, posted on my blog, So FASH'on. Feedback is really appreciated. That's where I learn from!!
Thanks and kisses,


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