Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Always In Style

By Raquel Franco

Our newly favorite magazine, Glamour, recently informed their readers in the October issue ten things that never go out of style. Sequins, metallic heels, and tweed jackets were among the list. leFashionista has decided to poll the readers of to see what you think will never go out of style. He is what you had to say.

1. Pea Coats, these classic jackets look good on everyone
2. Flats, they are always stylish at any age
3. Jeans, you’d have to be crazy to get rid of the comfiest pant
4. Plain, colored, cotton tees can always be dressed up or down
5. Cardigans, this top has been around since the 20’s and are the perfect addition to any outfit
6. A-Line skirts, these skirts are flattering on any figure big or small
7. Polo Shirts, even if they don’t stick around for casual wear, athletes will definitely be sporting them
8. Hoodies, a quick fix if your head aver needs covered

So grab these key pieces for your wardrobe and you will always be in style!

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