Tuesday, September 20, 2005

You are What You Wear

Lindsay Lohan, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By: Wendy Owen

Think your accessories aren’t a telltale sign of your
personality? Think again. While you many think that it
is the clothes that make the man (or the woman), what
you decorate yourself with is far more important.

Whether your style is casual, preppy, urban, bohemian,
glam or sporty, your baubles, bags and shoes
illustrate who you are. Even something as simple as a
pair of blue jeans and a white tee can be transformed
into a definitive look through accessories.

Some of the best style icons take fashion cues by
never sticking to just one style. No one knows how to
rock multiple styles better than Lindsay Lohan. The
formerly busting out actress has recently gotten a
little more demure, but her complete style oeuvre has
ranged from sporty to sexy, and even a little punky.
Perhaps it was her fun, carefree style that appealed
to teens in the beginning, but she has certainly
proved herself in the fashion world with her bold
styles and usually winning looks.

While Lindsay is well known for her clothes, it is her
accessories that have made her. She wore a pair of hot
boots and an adorable chain way before everyone else
was wearing them, not to mention her immaculate taste
in purses. Though Lindsay doesn’t have one defining
style, her brash tastes in accessories totally express
her fun-loving and artistic side.

What does your style say about you? Some of the best
looks come from mixing different styles (like boots
with pretty skirts, western meets glam, who knew?).
Tell us your favorite looks and fashion secrets! What
worked best, or what didn’t work out at all? (Leggings
with skirts, we know).

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