Thursday, September 01, 2005

For Keeps

By Raquel Franco

It is sad but you may have to part with some of your favorite pieces that are no longer the trend. You may be in luck because some trends are sticking around for the fall.

Metallic: The shimmery texture looks good on everyone. Still feel like it’s too flashy for you? No worries. The handbag is here. Achieve the metallic look with a sexy gold tote.

Long Beads: The sexy accessory is great for fall sweaters. Layering is still in order but say no to turquoise.

Oversized Handbags: We hope these stay forever. Where else would you keep all your crap? Well, if they don’t last forever it’ll still be around another season.

Camisoles: The lacy satin tops are great for playing peek-a-boo with your clothes. It’s the ultimate way to look sexy.

Maybe your favorite summer trend obsession didn’t make the list but store it away. You never know. It may come back some day.

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