Tuesday, April 03, 2007

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Halle Berry, Liv Tyler and Christina Ricci love fring benefits (source)

Right now, the hottest trend going right now has nothing to do with shoes, purses or designer jeans. One of the most surprising looks of the season is long, chunky bangs. Long gone are the side-swept romantic pseudo bang of yore; these bangs are in your face, quite literally.

While most celebs that grace the red carpet could pull off any hairstyle and still look good (we're talking to YOU Halle Berry) sometimes this style makes the wearer look either sever or childish. So, if you decide to take a stab at this hairstyle, talk to your stylist first and make sure you have the right face shape. We also suggest you don't try to do it yourself, for fear that the end results may look like you were trimmed up like a preschooler.

What do you think...are bangs "bangin'" or for little girls only?

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Michele said...

Love bangs! ;)


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