Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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Couture in the City denim favorites****

575 Denim
575 Women's Storm Str8 leg Flap Jean - $180

The 575 Storm Straight Leg jeans feature worn distressed and brown leather on the back pocket flaps. Slim-fitting, but not too stretch, the jeans look great with heels or cowboy boots.

Incastro Arizona Skinny Jean $295.00

Five-pocket skinny leg
Yellow stitching

Rock & Republic

Sexy Five-Pocket Jean, Copper Wash $210.00

Dittos - $159.00

The Classic Wide Leg Jean

We're falling in love with this sexy denim option.

J Brand - $179.00

Lovestory Low Rise Bell Bottom Jean

We're definitely writing a love story with these jeans.

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Stephanie-Marie said...


I am a student here in London and I read your site all the time. Therefore I believe it is my duty to tell you about something that has now changed my life. (Well I am exaggerating a bit)

I have the biggest trouble finding jeans that fit. I usually stick to my one brand, Citizens, and try on everything I can until one looks good. When I have a bit more patience, and I am feeling adventurous I try on several brands. On average I try on 30 jeans. I come home however, having purchased one pair of the 30 or most of the time... absolutely nothing. ANYWAY, while I was here in London a friend of mine told me about Bodymetrics which makes bespoke (don’t know what this means) jeans. This company took a scan of my body and extra measurements to ensure the jeans perfection. This process only took a couple of minutes. I than had the opportunity to customize my jeans: everything from the style (drainpipe, bootleg, etc), to the color, wash, and even the rivets (crystal, sapphire, or normal). I even got to choose from three company logo’s (or none) that will go on the back of the jeans. I was amazed.

The only downfall is that I had to wait for 6 weeks ‘till I got them. I was so excited, I just wanted it to magically appear and bring it home right away. At the end of the day though, the six weeks were well worth the wait. Rather than trying on jeans after jeans, I now have the PERFECT pair of jeans that fit every little curve and crevice of my body. It looks like I actually have a bum now, and the fat in between my legs looks dismal, and as I am extremely petite and do not have the legs Naomi Cambell or Elle Macpherson sport, the length of the jeans – for the first time in my life – did not need a million inches taken off by the tailor. It was well worth the wait, and worth every penny!

Thought it was my duty to let the world know. I am not quite sure if this is a big company or not…but it is absolutely perfect for every shape and size specifically because every pair is specifically made for every individual person.


I think the website it www.bodymetrics.com


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