Monday, April 23, 2007

Kate Moss for Topshop, Couture in the City Fashion Blog

Kate Moss, and a sneak peek at her new line for Topshop, coming out May 1, 2007 (source)

It's of the most notable style-icon's of our era has designed a line of togs exclusively for uber chic boutique Topshop. Everything that Topshop does is golden and up to the minute (read: super trendy), like for instance, right now you can find the very popular amongst celebs primary colored jeans you've been hearing about.

It is my sad duty to report, however, that Kate's line appears to be a little bit of a snoozer. I expected something a little more avant-guard I guess...instead I got menswear meets glitter. Seriously...think trousers, button up shirts, tailored vests and sequined dresses. all seems like its so last season.

Anyways, if you are amongst the many that think Kate is the living end when it comes to fashion, check out her new line at Topshop available May 1...I know that I'll be skipping it, unfortunately, but who knows? Maybe there will be cuter lines by Kate on the horizon...

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Shaiful said...

The dress is so Kate Moss...


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