Tuesday, April 03, 2007

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Lee Angel Double Curb Chain Charm Bracelet - $125

Lee Angel Who knew that the flat chain links that make up this bracelet were called "curb" chains? You learn something every day.

C&C California Butterfly Tank - $55

A tank that's sure to become an iconic spring and summer item, so grap it now!

Bensoni Silk Charmeuse Tuxedo Bib Cami - $298

Bensoni This is one of the most elegant evening camis you will ever find.

Crispin & Basilio Empire Bow Dress - $360

Crispin & Basilio Feminine and ultra sophisticated... a can't miss combination.

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Trisha from Omiru: Style for All said...

That Crispin & Basilio bow dress is officially on my wishlist!

Anonymous said...

The C&C California Butterfly Tank is cute. Reminds me of something I saw on materialbitch.com before.


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