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Ready Made Outfit: Funky School-Girl

Frenchi Puff Sleeve Turtleneck | $40 at Nordstrom

Even if you’re not enrolled in school, you can still look like a fashionable school-girl with the right outfit. Since you’d rather look like you’re heading to lunch than the library, pair your mini plaid jumper with chunky pumps instead of flats. And if you want to avoid looking like Britney Spears in her "Baby One More Time" video, stay far away from tummy-revealing tops by choosing a turtleneck instead. Soon, you’ll be the most stylish gal on campus - er, street.
Source: Omiru

Fendi Bucket Bag

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Spy or the B.bag but Fendi I could understand how people thought they were aesthetically pleasing. This bucket bag is taking the piss though. Even the model can’t figure out quite how to pose with the bag without looking like an absolute idiot. Hence the awkward arm position. Celebrities haven’t been seen with it - just yet - although I wouldn’t be surprised if Jessica Simpson is snapped toting it on her arm some point soon. But if it takes your fancy, for some reason I will never be able to understand, then it can be yours for $1,640
Source: Designer Fashion Addicts

Beauty. October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Power Kiss By DuWop

DuWop has create a limited edition pink shimmer lip gloss set... Power Kiss. A portion of the proceeds will be given to Cosmetic Executives Women's (CWF) Cancer and Careers, an organization that helps provide inspiration and insight to working women with cancer.
Source: Second City Style

Cozy Cold-Weather Scarves

Catherine Malandrino Pom Pom Scarf, $325

One of my favorite things about dropping temperatures is getting to break out all of my cozy knit scarves. Really, when it comes to cold-weather essentials, it's hard to get more fashionable than a scarf. They really do keep you warm, and they're great for layering indoors, too. Because scarves are worn so close to the face and are always in style, I think it's worth investing in a really nice one made from cashmere or another luxurious fabric. Here are some of my picks.
Source: FabSugar

Festival Style - Casually Cool

My SO and I went to the Charlotte Shout last night - a festival with cooking classes outdoors, wine tents, baked goods, and representatives of several local restaurants selling tapas-sized samples of select menu items. With the weather turning cooler and fall clothes coming out of the closet, there was a huge variety of style at the event. I love the outfit below. It's a slightly dressy, slightly casual outfit - perfectly layered with a nice color palette:
Source: Shopaholics Anonymous

Cheque Book Juicy Couture Charm

Ooh la love.

A cheque book Juicy Couture charm is charming -

Because, though you can knock Juicy Couture for slapping “couture” on slinky boybeater tanks, Juicy Couture puts out quality product (check that tiny crown stamp on each Juicy Couture charm’s lobster clasp).

Because this cheque book Juicy Couture charm would look fab rocked as a pendant on a gold necklace.

Because a golden cheque book is the closest thing to a real lucky charm in the world.
[Source] Kristopher Dukes

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