Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fab Fashion Blogs Wednesday

Coach Shoe Trends for Fall 2006

Is it just me or does Coach have some of the best shoes for fall 2006? I don't actually own any Coach shoes...yet...but maybe it's time to add a pair or two to my collection?

Couture in the City's favorite

Keira Slingbacks - $228 - The steel color makes a great statement this fall 2006 - try a new color, metallics are still in either way. Not to mention the platforms are hot.
[Source] Shopaholics Anonymous

Halloween Style

Sick and tired of kiddie costumes for Halloween? Don’t want to be stuck dressed as a witch again? We don’t blame you…here at LeFashionista, we celebrate fashion 365 days a year…and especially on Halloween. Check out these “haute” costume ideas for some great creepy couture:

Marie Antoinette: Thanks to Kiki Dunst and Sofia Coppola, this costume is going to be a big hit this year! Though heads should roll for creating such a boring movie (sorry, bad pun), the costumes and cinemetography were gorgeous, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t steal this style. If you can’t find a costume, then get a giant curly powdered wig, lace fan, corset and other French Revolution-era costume pieces. If your significant other is tagging along, have him dress as Louis XVI for an added touch. Bonus Points for creating a costume where it looks like you are carrying your own head. read more
[Source] Designer Fashion Addicts

Omiru Poll Results: Layered Necklaces are In
We asked: Are Layered Necklaces In or Out?

Pictured: Lee Angel Oval Link Necklace | $425 at Scoop NYC.

You said: Layered Necklaces are still In. 58% are still all over this trend, while 14% think they’re Out. The remaining 28% think this jewelry trend is On the Way Out.

Omiru’s take: We love the drama that Layered Necklaces create for an outfit. With the ability to take a simple outfit from vanilla to cookies & cream, Layered Necklaces are an essential in this era of mannered, ladylike dressing to give outfits a bit more flavor. In order to take full advantage of this jewelry trend, we recommend pairing necklaces with compatible colors but wildly different textures.
[Source] Omiru

Sweet Bakelite Bits Accessories Are Fashioned from Vintage Plastics, Silver & Brass

The new fall collection is out! Snap 'em up while they're hot (and still available!) at
[Source] Fashiontribes

Lash Out "It"

Celebrity lash-fever has spread all over the world. False Eye LashesMadonna’s personal makeup artist Gina Brooke, who helped create the singer’s disco-inspired look, is credited with setting off a false eyelash frenzy by commissioning a pair of Shu Uemera mink lashes for Madonna. Oprah ordered 200 pairs of the real fur lashes. Let’s not forget Madonna’s other commission fluttering 1.2 carats of diamonds at $10,000 a pair. read more
[Source] The It Lists

Every Woman Loves Jewelry!

Looking for something unique and really eye catching when it comes to jewelry? Something special with a cutting edge design? If so then whether you're a fashion forward professional business woman or just someone who strives to remain stylish, you'll quickly fall in love with Lila & Rain. read more
[Source] Chic Alert

Pace Yourself With MioPink

Mio Watch has created three adorable special-edition watches, called MioPINK, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Not only do I love the charitable aspect of these watches—10 percent of proceeds to go the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation—but I also love the look. After all, it's not often you find a sports watch that's both functional and stylish.
[Source] FabSugar

Bag Alert! Hayden-Harnett Online Sample Sale!

If you love shopping online, sample sales, and handbags, have we got a deal for you! Hayden-Hartnett is having their first ever online sample sale. Don’t miss this chance to peruse plenty of purses priced at a steal. October 25-27, 2006.
[Source] Second City Style Blog

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