Sunday, October 01, 2006

Men's Fashion Report:Calvin Klein Spring 2007,Couture in the City Fashion Blog

Zucchelli's collections for Calvin Klein.

For spring, Zucchelli ,the menswear's greatest mordernist, projected the image of the future This season, Zucchelli offers a different color scheme: aqua, purple, black, white and gray. This collection is all about fabric technology, futuristic yet wearable, while paying tribute to the bands in the eighties : Jackets in a fine mesh had a neoprenelike gleam, even a more familiar material like linen was glazed to a seductive sheen for a suit in a bitter-chocolate shade and shirts featured tiny button-down collars. In Zucchelli's spring collection, alot of leg-baring and tight leggings could be seen on the runway, men who enjoy showing off their sexy legs, just like Victoria Beckham, you should be glad that the designer had produced the best shorts ever!! I personally think that this collection was one of their best, daring to create a new futuristic look, but still appealing to the masses.

Image Credit: MEN.STYLE.COM




daddylikeyblog said...

There is some major bulging going on there.

Anonymous said...

the tights are kinda scary.
yes,theres a bulge down there.
like the second one.very dior-homme.


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