Friday, October 20, 2006

New to Jewelry Designer bijou X

Inspired by the few remaining American tool-and-die companies, we design individually hand-made jewelry that pays homage to the past with a uniquely lighter twist.

The jewelry is simply amazing and looks beautiful on. My favorites are
Winsome Hoops Dangles and Baroque Frame Necklace. If you are looking for jewelry that is unique, stylish and affordable look no further than bijou X.

Winsome Hoops Dangles - $45

Delicate, interlacing swirl motifs combine to create these vintage-tooled 1 5/8" raw brass hoops. To wear them is to understand the definition of the word, 'winsome'. ('winsome'- from an Olde English origin meaning "joy".)

Heraldic Messenger Earrings - $50

In bas relief, a Neoclassical beauty stands atop a cannon, blowing her horn as if she's playing jazz for the heavens.

French Empire Wreath Necklace

Imagine this... Napolean and Josephine finding splendor in the grass. Although, Josephine might have insisted that he remove his laurel wreath crown before the obligatory "French Kiss". Stone shown Padparadscha (salmon).

16 Inch Chain - $55
18 Inch Chain - $60

Baroque Frame Necklace

Versailles on a chain...breathless. (all this, without flying to Paris). Stone shown
Ruby Red.

16 Inch Chain - $55
18 Inch Chain - $60

Shop bijou X at!

1 comment:

Jillian said...

I LOVE the Baroque Frame Necklace! I would totally rock it with my new army-green military jacket. :)


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