Thursday, October 12, 2006

New to Artinjection by Dave Stevenson

Dave Stevenson and actress Catherine Hickland

Artinjection by Dave Stevenson one of Le-Fashionista's newest designers.

An accomplished bronze sculptor whose dynamic works are collected by filmmaker James Cameron and Pfizer Inc., Dave Stevenson creates jewelry that is clearly influenced by his larger abstract sculptures.

Stevenson was recently selected to create a commemorative bracelet for the William J. Clinton Foundations’s Fundraiser celebrating the former president’s 60th birthday, to be held at the Museum of Natural History in New York City in October of 2006. Stevenson and Seattle-based choreographer Cheronne Wong have been awarded three grants to create a multi-media collaboration that will be performed in 2007.

Here a few of our favorites.

Astro - $175.00

These whimsical, cartoon-like canines part of the BIGDOGlittledog collection.

Bones -

"Unisex choker Bones snakes around its cord like abstract vertebrae-clinging to the very shapes that inspired them.

Octopus -

Sterling silver pendant, mounted on sterling silver pedestal "Sculpted in-the-round like most of my designs, Octopus looks great even when off-duty, mounted regally atop its tiny pedestal. I'll bring the wine..."

Felicity - $240.00

"Dragonfly? Butterfly? It's actually based on one of my abstract bronze sculptures, Relic."Sterling silver pendant.

Eardog Earrings -

BIGDOGlittledog collection. Leashes are detachable!"

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