Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fab Fashion Blogs Wednesday

Designer Fashion Tip of the Day: Basic Black

Carolyn Murphy

Don’t ruin a perfectly good basic black ensemble with weird puffy white sleeves poking out for no good reason. If you must break up your black ensemble, do it with a little more sublety, a la Miss. Watts.

Naomi Watts

Ahh…that’s better.
[Source] Designer Fashion Addicts

Should You Have to Squeeze Into Your Skinny Jeans?

A question I've heard a lot lately is, "Should you have to squeeze into your skinny jeans?" My take on it, is that they don't necessarily have to be skin-tight. Most skinny jeans are made with strech fabric, so of course, you don't want them loose-fitting, but they don't have to be the kind of jeans you have to lay back on the bed and suck in breath to get into. I've worn some pretty tight skinny jeans, as well as some that were a tad loose - almost one size too big, and both looked pretty good. So, for Monday's poll, leave a vote - leave a comment if you feel like it! Let's see what you have to say!
[Source] Shopaholics Anonymous

Trendscape: Sweaterdresses

It’s a brisk October day, but you still feel like sporting a dress. What to do? You’re in luck because this fall, two fashion staples–dresses and sweaters–have mated to birth one luxuriously cozy trend: sweaterdresses. Feast your eyes on three of our favorites.

Diesel ‘Blissi’ Sweater Dress | $240 at Nordstroms

[Source] Omiru

Trend Alert: Extra Long Clutches

We've told you before that a cute and stylish clutch is always in style. But you can't always fit all of your accessories in a regular sized clutch, which is why this season's extra long clutches are so great. With one of these, you might actually have room for your cell phone and your Blackberry and your lipstick and your credit cards and your compact. Imagine that! I especially love the one that Jennifer Aniston is carrying at the Reel Moments premier this week.
[Source] FabSugar

Bag Alert! Banging Bags By Rachel Nasvik Found!

I have been ogling this Patricia Satchel since I saw a write-up on the designer on Clothes-Pin many months ago. So I was delighted to find these luscious lovelies! I had no idea this dome shaped leather bag came in all of these colors. Hmmm, the red? The black?
[Source] Second City Style

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