Monday, March 05, 2007

And they say that the 80's are dead...

Chloe Sevigny in Luella

Cameron Diaz in Valentino

Diane Kruger in Giorgio Armani

Hilary Swank in Fendi

Paris Hilton (photo source)

Most fashion experts would like you to think that the 80's look is as dead as boho-chic, but I beg to differ. From belted tunics to angular dresses, the Elizabeth Taylor/Dynasty look is alive and well, and celebs are happy to keep it going as well.

Some celebs are bringing the 80's to the red carpet in prom dress-like styles (like Chloe Sevigny and Paris Hilton) while others are taking a more glitzy approach like Diane Kruger and Hilary Swank.

However, our favorite approach to 80's re-revival style has to be Cameron Diaz's Valentino Oscars gown. Cameron is unequivocally talented when it comes to rocking new 80's chic and this gown proves it. With just the right taste of the 80's in the off-the-shoulder neckline, but kept contemporary by not being in a crazy neon color, Diaz strikes just right balance.


mahalie said...

I like a lot of these 80s looks, and Cloe always rocks it! But that Valentino dress Diaz wore to the Oscars...UGH! So unflattering!

giancinephile said...

I can't agree with you more... the dress Cameron D. wore made me say... What were you thinking?

Paris Hilton deserves to be on the worst dressed list with that yellow ball gown


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