Sunday, March 11, 2007

Confessions: Fabulous Fabric

V Neck Top made of Modal from The Loft

Yu Clothing petal sleeve dress, $140.00

Yu Clothing Shirred Tank Dress $124.00

I have a confession to make: I know very little about fabrics.

It's true...while I can rattle off this designer and that, I don't know much about the types of fabric that go into making the beloved clothes that I wear. And then I discovered modal.

What is modal you say? Glad that you asked...modal is a bio-based fiber spun from beech tree cellulose, and is essentially a type of rayon. It is soft as butter, easy to wash, and doesn't pill or fall into the same ruin as regular cotton fabrics. It resists to shrinking and fading, and is as tough as nails against mineral deposits in your washing machine. It's like magic. In my eyes, it is the best dang thing to happen to fashion since Marc Jacobs.

I discovered how much I truly loved modal this weekend while I was shopping at The Loft. A good majority of their tops and dresses are created with 90%-100% modal, and are flattering, comfortable and durable.

You can jump start your rayon-based spring wardrobe with some cute and comfy dresses Le Fashionista style from Yu Clothing. Fresh and flattering, Yu Clothing offers comfy styles in a fabulous fabric no wardrobe should be without.

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