Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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Lucite Layer Bangles

Transparent Fendi Bag

Nine West Patent Leather and Lucite Shoes

It's unanimous...the hottest trend going this spring is clear to see. Sorry, bad pun...lucite looks are showing up on everything from shoes and jewelry, and clear bags are going from low budget to high end. Remember back in middle school when the most awesome and popular girls had see through backpack purses? Well, they can relive those memories now with a quilted see through Fendi bag. Who knew?

While I must say, the lucite bangles are totally cute in a by the pool, little girl sort of way, I'm not digging the clear bag or heels. Yuck. For one thing, they don't wear well...scuffs and scratches are all the more difficult to mask when the fabric is totally transparent. And for another...well, do you really want someone knowing the contents of your purse? Isn't that just a little bit intrusive.

Well, what do I know...I'm going to keep my clear-wear to a minimum. How do you feel about this see through trend?

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Aniela said...

Yes I agree with you there. I really wouldn't want a see through purse...that doesn't really look like the best idea. I'm loving the clear bangles tho :)


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