Thursday, March 22, 2007

Local Celebrity Creates Eco Friendly Tee With Proceeds Benefiting Global Green

Local Celebrity Launches New Eco Friendly T-shirt at the Global Green USA Oscar Party

Local Celebrity was started by three young siblings (two brothers and one sister) in a barn (yes! Grandma’s barn to be exact) down in San Diego county. After gaining lightening speed momentum, they moved up to Los Angeles to formally start a legit apparel brand. Local Celebrity has created one of the most popular t-shirt brands without their audience even knowing. Looking to push the brand name further, Local Celebrity will also expand into other branded silk screened categories along with their “saying T’s.” Look for cut & sew hoodies, fly caps, and fresh kicks to round out the collection.

Printed on 100% organic cotton using Eco-friendly water based inks, T-Shirt impresarios make a statement while raising some loot for Global Green USA.

The shirts will be available online this week and in finer retail stores early March. The Respect Your Mother shirts are printed on 100% certified organic cotton, which costs significantly more to manufacture, but the guys at Local Celebrity do not want their customers to pay more for these shirts so they are going to absorb the extra production cost. Depending on the retailer, these shirts will be available between $20 - $30. Proceeds from the RYM shirts will be donated to Global Green USA in an effort to help fight global warming.

Available in only the finest stores as Urban Outfitters (awww yeah), Sak’s Fifth Avenue (posh!), Kitson (yes…that Kitson), and online at (word!), these products are the perfect addition to anybody’s everyday wardrobe. No crowd too proud.


mahalie said...

Great shirts! I'm sort of irritated they'll be at Urban Outfitters, everyone in Seattle will be wearing them. I'm going to wait and see which ones don't make it into UO stores!

Aniela said...

Very cool tee-I love mother earth! Really good idea they had, fashion and environment all in one!

Emily said...

Today we all must do our part to help sustain the environment. Who knew that what you wear could help! The creator of Beau Soleil has taken this eco-friendly craze to a new level with her chic dress line which has recently been picked up by Intermix and Shopbop. The website is so check it out! You will love it! All of her dresses are made from organic cottons, bamboo, etc, and exquisitely finished with vintage studs and recycled leather! FABULOUS!


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