Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Dress Styles: Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor - $372
Rosettes Mini Dress

Rebecca Taylor makes pretty style fabulous.

Rebecca Taylor - $306
Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

Perfect shape and pretty style couldn't have come together in a more perfect dress.

Rebecca Taylor - $229.60 Sale
Solid Voile Shirt Dress

Rebecca Taylor is giving us a whole new way to look at the shirt dress.

Rebecca Taylor - $198.80 Sale
Solid Voile Knee Length Halter Dress

Perfect shape and stunning style. What more could we ask for?

Shop these gorgeous styles by Rebecca Taylor at ShopBop.com


Eliza said...

I loved all the dresses. But the first dress in red colour is incomparable. It's hot and very feminine.
Loved your post...

Anonymous said...

I've been searching for the first dress in stores like crazy and cannot find it anywhere. Now I find it at shopbop, but they only have a size 10 -- go figure!


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